Short Hair Dogs: No Grooming Required With These 9 Short Haired Pups!

Short hair dogs are perfect for a family that has little time to spend on grooming! Dogs with short hair include family favorites like the Labrador Retriever and Boston Terrier, or the independent-minded Chihuahua and hardworking Mastiff. 

Short hair dogs require little grooming, but depending on the breed, they can still shed. While most short hair dogs won’t require clipping (unless you’re looking for a new style), you can still give your pet pooch a pampering with regular brushing and washing of their sleek coats.

In this article, we take a look at the best short haired dog breeds. These are low maintenance dogs in terms of grooming, but like all dogs, they can have a seriously independent, stubborn streak (we’re looking at you, Chihuahua!) when they want to.

Keep reading to find out the best short haired dog breeds!

The Best Short Hair Dogs

The following list of short haired dog breeds is by no means comprehensive. There are so many more pups out there to love, from short haired dog crosses and mutts to entirely hairless dogs.

These are generally low maintenance dogs, but remember, short haired dogs still need brushing and cleaning (just not as regularly as those flamboyantly styled short dogs with long hair like the Shih Tzu or Miniature Poodle!). Brushing and cleaning will help to remove any debris from the short coat while also giving you a chance to check for parasites (such as mites, ticks, etc.).

Short haired dogs aren’t necessarily low shedding dogs either. Some of these pups shed a lot of fur, in fact – this is part of the reason why their hair remains so short. If you’re searching for a hypoallergenic dog, you’ll find that many longer haired dogs or crosses are much better (the Labradoodle, for example).

Now, let’s get to the short haired dogs!

#1. American Pit Bull Terriers

American Pit Bull Terriers are short hair medium dogs that are best known for showing extreme levels of affection and care towards family, particularly children. Often called a “Nanny Dog,” American Pit Bull Terriers are famously loving and will try to look after everyone in the household!

Luckily, these dogs don’t need much care because their short coats look after themselves. American Pit Bull Terriers were originally bred as working dogs, so they are easy to train, intelligent, and athletic.

Average Height: 18 inches

Average Weight: 60 pounds

#2. Beagle 

The Beagle is a short haired, compact scenthound that makes for a wonderful family pet or companion dog. These dogs are well known for their soft, sleek fur, but perhaps better known for their floppy Beagle ears!

Beagles were originally bred for hunting in the countryside, and they do love the outdoors. Their short coats come in handy, too, as it’s difficult for twigs and thorns to get stuck when they dash through the bushes.

Average Height: 14 inches

Average Weight: 25 pounds

#3. Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers are classic small short hair dogs with super smooth fur that requires almost little in the way of grooming throughout their life.

Boston Terriers are compact dogs with a slight pugnaciousness about them. They were originally bred to be aggressive dogs, but it turned out that these delightful pups were just too friendly, and instead, they became favored companion dogs.

Boston Terriers have distinctly upright ears, and despite their droopy face and smile, are fantastically intelligent and independently minded dogs. They are excellent dogs for smaller houses or apartments, where space is limited, but they do enjoy outdoor space and exercise!

Average Height: 15 inches

Average Weight: 15 pounds

#4. Bull Terriers 

Bull Terriers are one of the most unique-looking breeds of short haired dogs in the world. Bull Terriers have a very distinctive face, with a muzzle that’s almost oblong and eyes that are triangular. With an average weight of 50 pounds, these medium short hair dogs are rather squat and heavy too!

Bull Terriers are exceptionally energetic and do need lots of space to run around outside. With their short dog coat, though, you can spend more time playing with Bull Terriers and less time trying to groom them.

Average Height: 22 inches

Average Weight: 50 pounds



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