Constipation In Dogs

Dogs of all ages can become constipated. Senior dogs can become constipated as their systems find it harder to digest foods. Just like humans, dogs may not be able to eat like they did when they were younger. You might want to consider adding digestive enzymes to your fur-baby’s diet. Digestive enzymes break down the dog’s food for better absorption in the digestive system.

Puppies are a whole other subject when it comes to constipation. There are some puppies that will try to eat just about anything they come into contact with, or anything they can get into their mouths. Beware of socks, stuffed toys (especially the stuffing), rocks, and just about anything a rambunctious puppy might choose to eat. Eating non-digestible items can become a medical emergency and require surgery if the item will not pass safely through his system.

An obstructive bowel is a real consideration when it comes to cotton items (like socks and stuffed toys). A Veterinarian can assist finding out the real problem by taking x-rays to see what is really in Rover’s tummy. Through careful observation and diagnosis, your vet can determine if the item will pass through the intestines, or if there will be a need for surgical intervention.

Just like with babies, we want to make sure objects are put up and out of the reach of an inquisitive puppy. Puppies lose their teeth around four months, and it’s during this time they will choose to chew on everything! Make sure to keep a sharp eye on your dog when giving him a new chew or toy. Things can happen quickly when it comes to puppies or an aggressive chewer.



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