Dedicate this October for Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

The month of October is one month of the calendar that most dogs cherish. Not just because they get to have the delicious Halloween treats, but more so as many of the dogs get to their permanent homes during this month since October is celebrated as ‘Adopt a Shelter Dog’.

Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Many would not know that approximately 4-5 million household dogs get into shelters every year and about 3-4 million dogs are euthanized per year. These are astonishing numbers. This is why it is even more crucial to spread awareness about this special occasion dedicated to these homeless babies meeting with their human parents.

HISTORY of Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

To address the issue of the increasing number of dogs in the American shelter homes with every passing year, in 1981, the American Human Association had announced to observe October as National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month to promote adopting dogs from shelter homes. This was a great success in providing thousands of canines with their permanent homes and uniting them with their human companions. Since then, the special occasion has been followed every year.

Things to do during this special occasion

The best way you can celebrate the special day is by adopting a dog from a shelter home. As the numbers suggest, shelter homes across the country are filled with a variety of dogs, and you can easily get your favorite breed and type of dog that suits your personality. Due to significantly high numbers, dogs do not get the personal attention and care they crave in shelter homes. When you prepare yourself to adopt one from these asylums, be sure that you are ready to take responsibility. Not just provide them with a home, but try to make them feel special by loving them.



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