Do cats like water fountains?

If you are looking for a way to keep your kitty hydrated, then you might want to invest in the best cat water fountain! Cats drink more than twice as much water when they have access to running or dripping water. Cat fountains encourage cats of all ages and sizes to drink up – it is an ideal solution for older cats with dental problems that don’t like drinking out of bowls. They also help prevent urinary tract infections by encouraging good hydration habits.

1. Cats are drawn to water, so they will drink more.
2. Cats like the sound of running water, which helps them feel safe and relaxed.
3. The flowing water is good for their sensitive whiskers.
4. Water fountains provide a vertical surface for cats to rub against when shedding fur.
5. The constant movement in the fountain mimics prey that might be found near a river or stream – which can help calm your cat down if it’s feeling anxious or stressed out.

Cats love to drink water. But, what if they don’t have a place in your home that is accessible for them? Consider buying a cat fountain! A study from the University of California-Davis found that cats will drink more water when it’s available and because running water sounds like prey animals, this can help calm your kitty down during stressful moments. Additionally, there are many benefits to having one around – such as providing vertical surfaces for cats to rub against which helps with shedding fur and keeping their sensitive whiskers clean.



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