Do Cats Need Supplements?

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One of the questions that every cat parent asks themselves is “should I give my cat supplements?” That might sound like a silly question to some, but it’s actually quite valid!

As us “hoomans” try to be more proactive in our own wellness journeys, it’s only natural that we’d want to do the same for our pets.

Plus, who doesn’t want to be the best cat parent they can be? If we see our fur babies as family members, it makes sense to treat them as such.

As supplements become a growing trend among pet parents, we thought it would be a pawsome time to explore whether supplements for cats are necessary, if they’re safe, and which ones would be good to try.

Cat Food is Just the Beginning!

Before we even get into what makes supplements a viable option for cat parents, let’s start with what goes in your feline’s food.

Wet or dry cat foods can be tricky. While they might have good ingredients that support a complete and balanced diet for cats, they may lack certain ingredients found in functional supplements that can help your cat with areas of their wellness that could use some TLC.

But, what if you cook for your cat? First off, that’s awesome! We’re sure your cat adores their homecooked meals. However, even though they might love pigging out on protein, rice, and veggies, the same challenge applies here, too. Your home-cooked recipe might lack the kind of ingredients that cat supplements may provide.

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Should I Give My Cat Supplements?

Have you ever taken time to sit back and observe your cat?

Whether it’s their behaviors, routines, eating habits, or the spring in their step, your cat’s actions tell a story that their meows can’t.

So, if you notice a few aspects of your cat’s wellness that you want to address, cat food can only do so much to help the cause. But, that’s where supplements come in!

Cat supplements often contain special ingredients and blends not found in their food that may support certain areas of your kitty companion’s well-being. Plus, supplements have come a long way since the pill and tablet days. Now, functional supplements come in delicious soft chews that even picky cats will try.

So, a chat with your vet and some ingredient research can go a long way in determining whether functional supplements are fine for your feline.



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