Dangerous Human Foods That Your Dog CAN’T Eat

Does your dog get a little nosey whenever you eat a meal?

Whether it’s their intense stares, sniffing snouts, or their scrap-begging, pups are way more interested in our food than what goes in their doggy bowl.

So, it’s only natural for dog parents to wonder which human foods are off-limits for their furry fave. That’s why we’re here to reveal the most dangerous foods you should avoid giving to your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Chocolate?

Ah, chocolate… the perfect way to satisfy a sweet tooth. But unfortunately, chocolate is far from perfect for pups.

Chocolate contains methylxanthines, which can cause all sorts of not-so-fun problems for our canine companions. We’re talking upset tummies, heart troubles, excessive thirst, and… well, we’ll spare you the other gloomy details.

Whether it’s white, dark, or milk chocolate, this is one sweet that your pup should avoid at all costs!

Can Dogs Eat Grapes and Raisins?

Wait, wait, wait. Are grapes and raisins bad for dogs? Yes.

Although grapes and raisins are yummy for hoomans, they’re kryptonite for our canine companions. That’s because they contain a toxic substance that wreaks havoc on our dogs’ kidneys… and fast.

And by fast, we mean “acute kidney failure” fast. No bueno!

Just one grape or raisin can be life-threatening for our fur babies. So, it’s best to keep these as far away from your pup as possible!

Can Dogs Eat Avocado?

Most people would agree that avocado goes great with almost everything! Just not your dog’s tummy, though.

Consuming large portions of avocado may cause tummy troubles such as vomiting and diarrhea. That’s because they include a toxin called persin, which can be found in the skin, leaves, and seeds of avocados.

And speaking of seeds, we’re sure you know that seeds can be a major choking hazard – especially if your pup digs into your trash to find them. So if you ask us, avocados aren’t worth the risk!

Can Dogs Eat Onions?

Some people love them and some people hate them. But when it comes to dogs, onions are always a no-go!

No matter whether they’re cooked, powdered, or raw, onions can cause dogs to experience an upset stomach and even anemia when eaten. Plus, most dogs don’t like the flavor, so we think this will be an easy pass for your pup.

Just be sure to keep discarded onions out of reach for pups. The strong smell is sure to attract them to come to investigate and even taste test while you’re not looking, so be careful!



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