Dog-Friendly Melbourne Guide

Small Dog Big City by @eddie.thechihuahua

Hi, I’m Eddie! I’m an 8-month-old Chihuahua puppy living in Melbourne, Australia.

I love city living. You have the benefits of beautiful green spaces and parks, mixed with an abundance of things to do and places to see.

Melbourne is known for its cafe culture, and goodness knows my mum likes her coffee! So today I’m going to take you on a little tour of my city, with its street art, cafes, and culture.

First things first:

When heading into the city with your pup, it’s good to have the essentials.

We always take a comfortable lead and harness, as well as the essential poop bags.

Today I’ve chosen my max-bone sport set, as we have a little rain forecast, so I love that this set is all-weather durable, and the harness is comfortable for lots of walking. A small bag of treats is also handy, especially if you want to take photos or do a little bit of training.

Cute fashion is a must! Melbourne is all about fashion and style – I wouldn’t dare head naykee into the city! Plus we are in the middle of winter – perfect sweater weather.

Today I’ve chosen my Vintage Max Bone Aspen sweater, it compliments my olive sport set perfectly, and I love that it has a hole on the back for my sport harness to be worn underneath.

Plan ahead

City adventures with a pup need to be planned. We are lucky that we have an abundance of outdoor pet-friendly cafes here, make sure you know the ones that have water bowls handy, otherwise, a portable bowl is a good idea to take on your adventure.

Today we are heading to see some of the street art that Melbourne has to offer. You may have seen pics of Melbourne’s street art, and of Hosier lane with its colorful walls and art – it is even more amazing in real life – so much to look at!



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