Why Two Dogs Are Better Than One

Hi, I’m Chelsea The Chi ! I’m 9 months old, and my parents recently got me a little brother named Olaf, who is now 13 weeks old. I didn’t know what to think of him at first, but after some consideration and careful sniffing, I’ve come to realize there may be some benefits to this arrangement. Let me tell you the reasons why I decided it’s better to be an older sister than an only child.

Reason #1: To have a playmate and partner in crime

This is the most important reason of all. It’s not that my old life was bad or anything, it’s just that nothing beats pawing my brother Olaf in the face. I especially love playing tug-of-war together with my favorite Max-Bone Olga the Owl Plush Toy. We haven’t been able to destroy it quite yet. Sometimes I pick it up and run off with it just so he chases me. Other times, I even let him have it, but only when nobody’s looking. It took a little while to admit, but it turns out I like having Olaf around.

Reason #2: A companion to go on adventures with



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