Dog Vomiting Blood? Here’s What You Need to Do

Dogs can have a hypersensitive reaction to a specific type of food. That is why it’s important to slowly and gradually switch food brands to look for potential allergies. Sometimes an allergic reaction can be very severe to the point that your dog may vomit blood.

In addition, food allergies can also cause bloody diarrhea and abdominal pain. Foods with byproducts, grains, and lactose are commonly known to cause bloody vomit. If you look at the ingredients and notice particular sweetener, flavoring, or preservatives, it’s essential to be very cautious. As a preventative measure, look for dog food and treats with minimal additives and even human-grade ingredients, preferably prepared in small batches.

Other ingredients like dairy, eggs, corn, wheat, and fish might be problematic for dogs with a sensitive stomach. Unfortunately, it’s hard to determine what your dog is allergic to, so you may end up playing the trial and error game. The process of elimination method could be very costly and dangerous to your pup. That is why, it might be a good idea for your veterinarian to diagnose food allergy with a skin, saliva, or blood test to pinpoint ingredients to which your dog might not react well.



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