Dress Up Your Pet Day: Beagles

The 14th January is Dress Up Your Pet Day – an event started in 2009 by animal behaviourist Colleen Paige to celebrate our furry friends. To celebrate, Perfect-Pets Books is taking a deep-dive into one of our favourite pet dog breeds, the Beagle.

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The Beagle is a small yet mighty breed, originally developed to work as a scent hound for hunting game. Many within this breed still have a powerful drive to dig and hunt, as keeping up with hunters on horseback meant this little dog needed to have very high energy levels. This breed is a real favourite for pet owners, and it’s no wonder why with their determined nature and loving personality.

In England, the breed was used to hunt rabbits and hares as early as the 14th century. Their powerful sense of smell has seen them used as sniffer dogs for a range of purposes throughout history.

As a breed, Beagles are largely sociable and keen to get involved, so they’re likely to be fine with dressing up provided you make it fun rather than irritating. They value guidance and interaction due to their natural inclination towards pack life, and their personality when placed in a supportive home is often loving, well-tempered and obedient.

Beagles can live happily in the country or the city, provided they get enough exercise. First-time owners and families value this breed due to their size and adaptability.



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