GPS Tracker vs Samsung SmartTag For Pets: What’s Best For Dogs And Cats?

You want to track your dog or cat, so you’re considering using a Samsung SmartTag for pets? That’s understandable, since losing a dog or cat is every pet parent’s worst nightmare. The Samsung SmartTag and SmartTag Plus are basically the Android version of the Apple AirTag; both are Bluetooth items finders.

With new devices like the SmartTag, it’s never been easier to find your misplaced keys, purse or luggage. But pet parents want to know: Is the Samsung SmartTag good for pets? Can you track your dog or cat with a SmartTag? Is there a better option for keeping our furry friends safe? What about GPS dog and cat trackers?

Let’s explore how SmartTag compares to a GPS pet tracker, and what’s best for your furry friend! 👇

Table of contents

  • What is the Samsung SmartTag?
  • How does SmartTag work?
  • SmartTag for dogs: Can you put a Samsung Galaxy SmartTag on a dog or cat?
  • Does SmartTag have GPS?
  • Always know where your dog is
  • Samsung SmartTag vs SmartTag Plus
  • Samsung SmartTag vs Apple AirTag
  • Risks associated with the Samsung SmartTag
  • GPS pet trackers: What are they and how do they compare?
  • Tractive GPS features
  • How a GPS dog tracker could help save your dog’s life
  • Tractive GPS vs Samsung SmartTag for dogs comparison
  • Conclusion on Samsung SmartTag for pets

What is the Samsung SmartTag?

Similar to the Tile tracker or Apple AirTag, the Samsung SmartTag is a small Bluetooth tracker and item finder. It can be attached to your keys, car, handbag or other personal item and help you locate it when it’s lost. It has a 1 year battery life, and comes with some additional features such as sound and augmented reality.

How does SmartTag work?

The Samsung SmartTag detects its location based on other Samsung devices in the area, and then send that information to your phone. Since it relies on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), the SmartTag can only communicate with your phone if it is within the Bluetooth range of 130 yards or 120 meters. However if your SmartTag is outside of that range, you can still locate it offline using SmartThings Find.

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Just as Apple AirTags rely on other iOS devices to locate the AirTag, Samsung SmartTag also uses a network of other Samsung devices nearby to determine its location.

This makes the SmartTag the ideal tool for finding your misplaced backpack on campus, where there are sure to be plenty of other Galaxy users around. Or it could help you figure out where you left your bike, in a city full of Samsung users.

Learn more about how SmartTag works in the video below.



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