Help Your New Dog Adjust at Home!

Adopting a dog is one of the most rewarding things you can ever do – you’re saving a life and making a wonderful addition to the family.

But while it’s a win-win situation, there’s a transition time you need to be aware of as your new bestie settles into their new surroundings.

Don’t be surprised if they’re a little withdrawn and quiet to start with. After all, it’s a big change for them, so it’s only natural that they need time to process everything. 

But don’t fret! We’ve got you covered with some paw-some tips on how to adjust your new dog to their new home.

1. It’s All About Space

While you and the kids are already crazy in love with your new pooch and want to cuddle and kiss them, some furry friends need time to get to know you before they welcome such close affection.

Be sure to give them a little space, or even a nice den area with a soft blanket where they can feel safe if they literally need a comfort zone!

New dogs might not eat much right away, either. They could be stressed and unsure about where they are and what might happen to them, so they don’t have much of an appetite. Again, give them time, and they’ll be eating like a horse to catch up!

In short, don’t be worried if they aren’t head over paws for you just yet! It can take a couple of months before a dog feels at home in their new home and comfortable with their new hoomans. It’s all normal.

So, when it comes to space, slow and steady wins the race!



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