High value dog treats – The complete guide

Some owners believe that ‘a treat is a treat’ and our dogs will be grateful for any food reward they are given. The truth is, not every treat is created equal.

We will get a much better response to our training methods if we use high value rewards when we really need our dog to pay attention and play ball. Dogs are more likely to get excited about these training sessions and results are often faster.

Now, if that isn’t a good motivation for adding high value treats to your toolbox, I don’t know what is! Pooch & Mutt have just launched a high value beef jerky treat option that we know your pet will love. They have been gently dried in low temperatures over 24 hours to lock in nutrients and taste.

What is a high value dog treat?

A high value reward is one your dog is sure to get excited about. If offered alongside other food options, they will choose the higher value option every time as it is what they prefer.

Low value treats tend to have a weaker taste and less calories. These can include raw carrot, raw apple and pieces of your dog’s dried kibble.

High value rewards are highly palatable and dogs enjoy the experience of eating them. They will be very keen to get their reward and will work hard for it.

Examples of high value treats include:



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