How Cold is Too Cold For Your Dog?

If you live in a colder climate or are getting ready for the winter season, then you may be asking yourself, “how cold is too cold for my dog?”

It’s a common misconception that dogs can live out in the cold. Not all breeds can withstand the harsh weather. In fact, a lot of dogs need proper shelter, blankets, or even need to stay indoors to keep themselves warm.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell what the temperature guidelines are. We need to keep in mind that not all dogs are created equally.

Because of this, we provided you with all the information that you’ll need to know what to look out for when it comes to cold weather for your dog.

Temperature Guidelines

Usually, cold weather is not a problem for most dogs until it falls below 45°F. Temperature below that can be very detrimental to your dog and they may start to feel uncomfortable. When the temperature drops below 32°F, make sure you pay close attention to small dogs, dogs with a thin coat, older dogs, or extremely young dogs. If the temperature is below 20°F, your dog could develop health issues like frostbite and hypothermia.

The best thing to do is to monitor your dog to make sure that they’re not anxious, whining, shivering, searching for a warm location, or holding up their paws.

Every Dog is Different

When it comes to cold-weather, not all dogs react the same. In fact, some may be comfortable, while others could be searching for a warm place. Here are some factors to take into consideration when it comes to how dogs react to the cold.


Dogs with a double layer thick coat like the Siberian Husky are comfortable with a harsh, cold climate. This is mainly because they are bred to pull sleds in Alaska. With a thick coat, you will not have to worry about a Husky or similar dog during the winter season. However, dogs with thin coats like the Greyhound will definitely need a sweater/coat and warm shelter from the cold.


Dogs with darker color coats such as black or brown are able to absorb heat from the sunlight to keep them warm. However, dogs with a lighter color coat will need some extra help to keep themselves warm.




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