Keeping Dogs Calm During Fireworks

July is the season for fireworks, barbecues, swimming pools, and much more. However, it’s definitely not your dog’s favorite holiday. The loud explosive sounds from fireworks can cause stress and anxiety for your dog. A lot of dogs get so scared that they escape and run away from home.

Fortunately, there are strategies that you can take to reduce the anxiety in your canine companion during the Fourth of July.

Desensitize Your Dog

You can desensitize your dog by playing with him or her during the fireworks. This allows your dog to get accustomed to the sound and realize that it won’t hurt them. You can also give some treats to associate fireworks with something positive.

CBD Treats

There are dog treats that contain CBD ingredients inside. These ingredients release certain chemicals from your dog’s brain to help them relax. This is very useful in a stressful situation because it alleviates your dog’s anxiety. Plus, they are very delicious and effective without the side effects that your dog will get from standard prescription medications.

Safe Place

It’s essential to have a safe place for your dog to hide during the explosions. You can put them in your house or provide them with a crate. Make sure to add a comfortable blanket and favorite toy in the crate, so it reduces their anxiety and stress during the fireworks.

Tasty Toys

Give your dog some tasty toys so they can munch on it for hours. Some people prefer to use a Kong and add a treat in there. When it comes to Kong, it will take your dog a while to get the treat. It keeps their mind busy and stimulated during the firework show.  These toys serve as a distraction strategy so they won’t concentrate on the noise from the fireworks.



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