How to Shampoo Your Dog

We all want our little furry little friend to smell and look good, so bathing them is essential. But even though some dogs get stinky quite fast and require weekly bathing, other dogs can go without a bath for over three months.

Also, most dogs are not fond of taking baths. If you don’t take proper steps to calm your dog, then your four-legged friend might get scared. You don’t want to end up battling your dog to get him clean.

If you’re wondering how to wash your dog, then we have some great dog bathing tips that you might find useful.

Top Dog Bathing Tips

  1.   The first time you bathe your dog will require some extra precaution, since he is likely to remember the experience and respond to the next one accordingly. If the experience were fun, they would willingly jump into the tub next time. If it were difficult, your dog might run away from the bathroom.
  1.   Yes, bathing your pooch is essential, but you should not do it too often. Assuming that a bath will help your friend look extra clean, you might actually cause some unpleasant skin irritation.
  1.   The dog’s skin can produce oil that makes the coat look shiny and healthy, similar to how a human’s skin produces oil that makes hair look lustrous. If you start shampooing too often, then the natural secretions can get altered, in turn damaging their skin and natural oil production. It may even soften their coat, reduce the insulating properties, and your pet will be vulnerable to humidity and cold.
  1.   If your dog spends too much time outside and if the area has dirt, then you may need to bathe Fido at least once in six weeks. In case you have a double coat breed, then you can shampoo them once in four months, and if your pet has soft coats, then bathing twice a year will be good enough.
  1.  If you really want your dog to look clean you need to understand that shampooing is just one of the steps. To avoid a horrible odor, you will need to follow a daily grooming routine. You must brush their coat vigorously every day, since it’s good for their skin and fur. This helps to remove bugs and dirt without removing natural oils.

How to Wash Your Dog – The First Shampoo Session

The first time you take your fur baby for a dog bath, you need to be careful, patient and introduce the idea before you actually start cleaning. Your dog may take some time to be comfortable but to make the process easier, you may offer them treats and even praise them.

When you plan to comb them, do not start with the process straight away. The strange object (comb/brush) might scare them, and they may begin to bark in fear. Allow your pooch to sniff the tools and understand that it will not hurt them. After combing, offer them treats and praise them.

When your dog sees running water for the first time, he might get scared. That means you need to be patient, keep trying, and keep encouraging your dog to get close to the bathing area, and as he takes small steps closer, keep rewarding and encouraging him.

Before you start shampooing



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