How Exactly is Too Cold for Dogs?

Have you found yourself living in freezing weather lately? We mean, cold enough to cause concern and ask yourself if your pup should be left outside? If you have, then this is the right place to be! We’ll explain what you need to know about keeping your dog in a cold climate.

Remember that many things vary depending on what breed you are living with when it comes to dogs. Some breeds are more comfortable in colder weather, such as the Alaskan Malamute, the German Shepherd, Akita, Saint Bernard, Samoyed, or Siberian Husky. These are just some of the best breeds for the cold, but there are many more.

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The coldest temperature for a dog varies and can change depending on age, weight, fur color, and coat type. Every dog is different, and it is essential to note when they are experiencing discomfort. You can have the same breed as someone else, but this does not mean they will handle it the same way.

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What’s the Coldest Temperature a Dog Can Tolerate?

Considering the aspects mentioned above, a cold temperature for dogs is when it goes below 45ºF. The cold sensation will start to kick in, and they will begin to look for shelter and a place to huddle. Smaller dogs with thinner coats will most likely be better if they are indoors at 32ºF. After 20ºF, it might be a better idea to keep all dogs indoors, no matter what their health conditions, age, or coat. At this temperature, there is a higher risk of hypothermia and frostbite.

You must also be aware of how cloudy it is outside if the sun is out, raining, or windy. All of these things will either raise or lower the temperature and give you a better estimate to know if it is an excellent idea to let your dog outside or not. Some dogs are also accustomed to colder temperatures, thanks to living in a colder climate. However, some dogs are used to living in warmer climates and tend to have a higher probability of suffering from hypothermia when exposed to colder weather. This means that even if you have a breed that is supposed to be used to colder temperatures but has lived its entire life in a warmer climate, freezing temperatures will still affect them.

If the temperature outside is too cold, try bringing them inside and if this is not an option, try to offer some shelter. They will appreciate it so much and remember the dangers of extreme cold!

What Temperature is Unsafe for Dogs?

A temperature of under 20ºF can trigger hypothermia and cause signs that can be normal to something severe. Shivering is the first sign you might see. Weakness, disorientation, shallow breathing, an inaudible heartbeat, or frostbite on the ears are severe symptoms that must be taken care of right away! Any of these symptoms must have attention and be taken inside as soon as possible. You don’t want anything happening to your beloved pooch.

Do Dogs Get Cold at Night?

Short answer – yes! Long answer: your dog can get cold at night! Observe his behavior at night, and this will tell you.
Ensure they have a warmer place available to snuggle and get some warmth, be it indoors or outdoors. Sometimes there are unprotected parts of the body, such as the paws. These don’t have enough fur to protect them from the ground and thus can suffer frostbite. You can try using pup booties if they like it and if not, wiping them off with soap and water is also a great idea to keep them from frostbite.



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