How Pet Influencers Can Make Money

Who needs a college degree or a fancy job, when your canine companion can help you make money. A pet influencer can bring in practically a six-figure income if done correctly. These adorable influencers can become sponsors, ambassadors, marketers, bloggers, YouTubers, and much more.

If you are interested in making money as a pet influencer, here are some tips and tricks for you.

When it comes to the amount of money your dog can get paid on Instagram, the results actually vary. Some dogs can get as little as $20/post, while others can reach as high as $20,000/post, it depends on how you earn your money, so there isn’t a set formula.

It depends on the brand, but if it fits with your dog, the number of followers and likes wouldn’t matter anymore.

For example, some brands prefer to grow with the influencer’s followers, so they are more than happy to choose a dog that matches the brand even though it has less than 1000 followers. That way, they can slowly grow together and reach millions of likes and fans.

Therefore, it’s not because of an account or number of followers that an influencer has that decides whether a brand would like to work with them or not.

The reason why a brand would want to work with you is that:

  • Their brand value is closely aligned to your dog’s personality and characteristics. It’s the reflection of the dog that reminds them of who they are. In some ways, that dog is the target audience or that they look at him as a potential brand ambassador.
  • Something about your dog’s follower interests them, and they want access to that.
  • A lot of times, brands would go through your followers to learn more about them. Larger agencies have tools that provide data and analytics of your follower’s likes, dislikes, age, and location.

puppy in a dog bowl

The question here is, why would a brand want to work with your dog? After all, they can easily run pay-per-click or ads on Google and Facebook to reach their target audience.

It’s mainly because they want your dog, access to his or her followers, and conversation with the community that you and your dog have built. Brands will look at an influencer’s account and study it deeply.

They would ask questions like:

  • Does the influencer have a unique voice?
  • Do they have a meaningful conversation?
  • Do they build relationships with their followers?
  • Are they aligned with the brand value?



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