How to Clean a Cat’s Ears with Wipes?

You notice some dirt in your cat’s ear, so you reach for some wipes you have at home. But you may be wondering: can I clean my cat’s ear with wipes? The answer is simply: NO. Human wet wipes and  baby wipes, typically the ones we have on hand, are not suitable for use on pets. In fact, Human wipes can be up to 200 times too acidic for your pet’s skin. This is because the pH balance of your pet’s skin is very different to that of a human’s. Especially in their ears.

Ready to meet a total game changer? The SWIPE by PRIDE+GROOM is safe for cats (and dogs!) Freshening up a face, a paw, or a patch of muddy fur is easy with  THE SWIPE, a must-have item to have on hand. It’s nourishing like our shampoos and conditioner and loaded with our unique smell. Made with only organic ingredients.

Most pet owners are used to giving their dogs a bath, but let their feline friends clean themselves. While this is normally fine, there are a few key areas where your cat may need a little assistance to help them stay clean. Cats are capable of cleaning most of their fur by themselves, but they can’t reach certain sections like their ears or necks. That’s why any responsible cat owner should make a habit of periodically cleaning their cat’s unreachable areas. After all, they accrue wax and dirt over time just like our own ears and necks do.

Although they’d never admit it, cats occasionally miss a spot. You just have to watch out for the cattitude when trying to help them obtain a clean, wonderful-smelling coat. But how exactly do you clean your cat without making them uncomfortable or hurting them? Are you wondering how you can safely and effectively clean your cat with wipes? Keep reading.



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