Milii Gecko care guide

The Milii Gecko is a ground-dwelling gecko found in arid, rocky grassland and desert habitats in Australia. They are often referred to as Australian Barking geckos due to their vocal habits, especially when disturbed. The underside of the body is white with dark maroon through reddish-brown to tan and even orange colours across the top of the body and head. This species can be aggressive, but has the potential to tame down and can become a docile pet.


The Milii Gecko is nocturnally active but a good-sized, stimulating environment is still important. A minimum vivarium size of 3 x 2 x 2ft should be used to house a single adult, to enable proper movement as well as thermo-regulation and exercise. For the base of the environment, we recommend a sand mix such as Pro Reps Leo Life or Lucky Reptiles Desert Bedding. Your gecko will not be inclined to eat this substrate as long as the temperature, UVB and supplements are correct.

These geckos are typically found in arid grassland and desert habitats, so a sandy substrate is also more natural. The enclosure should be built up with a range of enrichment pieces such as branches, rocks, tunnels, logs and foliage as well as a minimum of two hiding places like caves – though more is recommended. Ensure that there are hiding spots and decor on both the hot and cool sides of your enclosure so your gecko can make use of the whole tank and feel secure. For an even more stimulating habitat that encourages good mental and physical activity try moving decor around every now and then.

Heating and lighting



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