How to Keep You and Your Dog Safe from Crime

Dogs become instant members of the family from the moment we welcome them into our homes. Their endless loyalty and love make them so endearing to dog lovers. No surprise then that within recent pandemic times adoptions globally surged in Spring 2020, and the UK alone has seen 3.2 million households adopt dogs since the pandemic began.

However, owning a dog does come with risks and many pet owners are vulnerable to crime, or worse, their dogs are. Many are stolen for breeding purposes as the price and demand for puppies has gone through the roof in recent years.

There are many heartbreaking stories of dogs being stolen away from owners while on walks, at home or from cars. We’re going to take a look at how you can keep you and your dog safe from crime.

Tagging your dog in social media pictures

Let’s start with one of the toughest things to restrict, doggy social media. It’s so easy to take a few snaps of our dogs looking cute, or silly, and share them online. Sharing images of our lives with friends and family is a given but sharing images of your dog might spell trouble.

Things like tagging your location when sharing images of your dog could lead thieves to your door or your walking routes. If they know where you are going to be they might show up and attempt to take your dog from you.

How to discourage dog snatchers on walks

We touched on how social media makes your dog a target for thieves but that’s not the only way they steal people’s beloved pets. Our dogs need walking but the simple act of doing that can make them a target, especially if they are a pedigree or fashionable breed.



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