Why is My Dog Staring at the Wall?

It’s not uncommon for pet parents to find their dogs staring at the wall, seemingly fixated on nothing. Nevertheless, this can be unsettling for owners. There are several possible reasons your dog may be exhibiting this odd behavior. Read on to learn where this wall staring may be coming from and what, if anything, you should do next.

Super senses

Dogs have much stronger senses of smell and hearing than humans. There is a chance that staring at the wall could signal that your dog is picking up on something you aren’t. Perhaps they’ve sniffed out a mouse infestation in your home before you’ve found it. In that case, call the exterminator and give your clever detective dog a treat!

Picked up a habit

It’s also possible that your dog has developed a compulsive behavior. Much like spinning, tail biting, barking, or chewing, staring could simply be a habit that your dog has picked up. If this is the case with your pup, this probably isn’t the first time you’ve caught them staring and it likely won’t be the last. These behaviors also tend to worsen over time. Fortunately, simply staring at the wall is harmless. Take note of the frequency with which your dog does this behavior to see if it’s indeed compulsive.



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