How to Prepare the Best Easter egg Hunt for Your Dog

How to Prepare the Best Easter egg Hunt for Your Dog

Easter is one of the most celebrated festivities of the year and this is mostly because children cannot say no to Easter eggs! Well, we know how much your doggo means to you and as such, you would want to celebrate a do a dog Easter egg hunt. However, with human chocolates being out of the question and with us using Easter egg hunting for your dog as a metaphor, how does one set up an Easter egg hunt for their best friend? Check out our hot ideas here and celebrate chasing the bunny with your fur friend.

Hiding Treats in Easter Eggs

You can get creative when you are understanding how to do an Easter egg hunt for dogs and one of the best ideas includes hiding actual plastic Easter eggs. What you do here is go to your local plastics warehouse and check out the Easter eggs that are made of plastic. Create small holes in the eggs and stash them with your dog’s favorite treats. Remember to hide the eggs in plain sight as your dog will only be able to locate the Easter eggs by the scent and not the color of the eggs, as our favorite fur kids are colorblind.

Picnic Easter Egg Hunt



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