Hungarian Vizla

The Vizsla is one of the most majestic looking dogs with a broad rather heavy head, but the correct amount of muscles and bone is very apparent.

They have a long rather elegant neck; broad chest and rather short legs. The Vizsla is also distinctive for having a long tail.

They make a great study for a pet portrait

The coat is very different than other breeds, having a comparatively thicker foundation substance and more feathering.

They make a great study for a pet portrait

They are also quite formidable at the hunt, having the powerful ability to sense and catch the scent and make a run for it.

The Vizslais one of the most versatile hunting dogs, having all these qualities and more, being a hunting dog and a flushing dog, and being able to use all these assets to accomplish the task of finding and flushing the game. They have bags of energy and are not timid, and it is because of their energy that they are able to search out the game. They are very intelligent and full of good humor as well, and they enjoy the water.

The Vizslais a bird dog, flushing dog, and retrieving dog in one package. 



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