Keeping Your Dog Cool in the Summer Heat

It’s easy to get excited about the warm summer weather and all the outdoor adventures on the horizon. But, don’t forget that the warm weather can pose challenges and risks for your dogs in the summer. Fortunately, there are many ways you can get your dog ready for the summer heat.

From adjusting your walk schedule and incorporating dog cooling gear into your dog’s wardrobe to whipping up some refreshing treats, there are lots of simple ways you can keep your dog cool, safe and comfortable this summer!

Treat your dog to a summer ‘do

Some dogs benefit from summer haircuts while others do not. It may seem counterintuitive, but many dogs have coats that function as a natural cooling system, protecting them from hot weather. Many thick-coated dogs will shed their heavy undercoats during the summer, which helps make them cooler, but this isn’t always sufficient.

Certain dog breeds need a summer cut for relief from the heat. These include most low-shedding breeds like Labradoodles, Poodles, and Portuguese Water Dogs with long, fine hair.

If you’re unsure whether  summer grooming  would benefit your dog and keep them cool, speak with your groomer or your vet for their advice.

Protect your pup’s paws

When it comes to keeping dogs cool, their paws are one of the most important parts to keep protected. Hot weather can damage your dog’s paws because surfaces like asphalt, tile, and even faux grass can become so hot that they burn your dog’s paw pads. How do you know the ground is too hot for your dog? Do a surface check whenever you are walking your dog in hot weather  by placing your hand on the ground. If you can’t tolerate resting your palm on the sidewalk for at least 10 seconds, there’s a good chance it will burn your pup’s paws.

Protect  your dog’s paws by adjusting your walk schedule  for your dog for the coolest times of day: early morning and evening once the sun begins to wane. If possible, avoid pavement and walk your dog on grass as much as possible as it will be much cooler.



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