Lymphoma in Cats

As cat owners, our only hope is that the pets we love so dearly are blessed with happy and healthy lives. From the time they are kittens to when they age into late adulthood, the goal is to keep our cats in as good condition as possible. However, sometimes, unforeseen circumstances arise, and they are often out of our control as well.

One of these unexpected instances is a diagnosis of feline lymphoma, a type of cancer. If your cat has the illness, the best thing to do is read up on information surrounding the blood-based illness, and understand how to move forward in order to help your cat overcome the disease.

Types & Symptoms of Lymphoma in Cats

Lymphoma is not the easiest disease to recognize in cats, especially given the way that sick cats often act as though everything is normal. Determining whether or not your cat has lymphoma will require a professional diagnosis.

Symptoms of Lymphoma in Cats | Innovet Pet

Below is a list of symptoms that your cat might display if they have lymphoma. Please note that the list of side effects is very long and similar to those associated with other conditions, so contact your vet immediately if you suspect your cat is ill.

The common side effects include…

Constant vomiting after eating
  • Unusual bathroom patterns
  • Inability to make it to the litter box
  • Excessively drinking water
  • Dehydration despite increased water intake
  • Random shortness of breath
  • Little to no interest in playing
  • Sleeping under beds or other hiding spots
  • Withdrawing from people
  • High fever that comes and goes
  • Lumps in or near the abdominal region
  • Bumps anywhere on the body
  • Consistent scratching or licking
  • Gnawing on a certain body part
  • Sores in your cat’s mouth

There are multiple different types of lymphoma in cats, but these types refer more to the location of the blood cancer, rather than identifying unique forms of the cancer. Most cases of the condition take place within the digestive tract, too.

The five main types include… 



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