Most Popular Dog Breeds in Texas

The adoration that folks have for their pets is extremely distinct, and the reasons for that adoration are as varied as the quantity of breeds. Identifying what it is that you adore about dogs is extremely important, particularly when selecting a canine to share your life with. Are you active and searching for a jogging partner? Do you love to snuggle and cuddle on the sofa? Do you have kids and want a pup that may be their protector and best friend?

Therefore, what are the most popular dog breeds in Texas? All those are questions that folks ask themselves while picking a dog, and it isn’t any wonder why certain dog breeds are chosen as top tier favorites time and again. But personal taste is simply one contributing factor as it’ll come to dog choice. Lifestyle and geography play a huge role in what dog breeds usually live in what places and Texas has a broad variety of dogs. There are a lot of places to locate information about which dogs usually live where yet the AKC is the authority on canine breeds by region. Here is Innovet Pet Products’ list of top five dogs breeds in Texas.

Golden Retriever

It is simple to see why this family-friendly, loveable dog has made it on our list of most popular dog breeds in Texas. A Texas dog breed, Golden Retrievers are kind, gentle, and exceptional companions for a family setting. Their need to be affectionate and obedient makes them an outstanding option for the family pet, and they’re known for being good with visitors and children. Their excellent retrieving skills and high intelligence make them an excellent Texas dog breeds option for active families.

French Bulldog

Typically called “Frenchies” these cut little dogs are both calculative and curious.  Another popular dog breeds in Texas, French Bulldogs have the reputation of being curious and attentive yet never will turn down the opportunity to sit on someone’s lap. French Bulldogs are great observers who are always watching for new interactions with humans or other animals. French Bulldogs are an excellent city dog and the best dogs for Texas, as they don’t require a massive quantity of exercise nor will they need a lot of physical space. Usually, one or two brief daily walks is sufficient to keep a Frenchie in shape.

English Bulldog

The English Bulldog, another popular dog breeds in Texas, comes in at #3 for most popular breeds in Texas. This medium-sized, stocky muscle machine is all power yet low endurance. Bulldogs only are physical in brief spurts, meaning they only will need a couple of brief walks per day. Bulldogs are very well behaved and aptly can be described as “big ‘old sweetie pies.” Vastly loyal and dependable, it’s another dog breed whose predictability and affection make it an outstanding family dog.



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