What is the best dog bed for a whippet

Everyone loves a whippet! How can you not? King of the sofa and as quick as a cheetah (i know its a cat but they are still pretty fast). Sleek and beautiful with curious eyes that look like they might explode with intesity a whippet is a great addition to any dog loving family. At Dogs Dogs Dogs we have some great friends who are whippets, so much so they have been modelling our selection of Earthbound Dog Beds in the last week.

Whippets in an Earthbound dog bed

Here they are in the picture above, Una and Trio. Una the mother is grey and the more beige puppy is Trio. They may look delicate and ready to jump at the drop of a pin but for the dog bed shoot they were in their element. The dog bed in the picture is an Earthbound Rectangular Snuggle bed. The perfect fit for two whippets who like to share bodily warmth.

It may come as no suprise that the whippets didn’t want to do much of the modelling outside in the boot room. Although they did manage to stay still for a quick shot with Holly.

Whippets and spaniels in a dog bed

When we moved into the drawing room you could tell the puppies would be much more at home. With a lit fire and comfy sofas, they made it clear that Earthbound were the right type of bed maker for them. As you can see in the pictures a whippet is at home in a variety of size and material. It has to be said that whip[pets prefer luxury dog beds as opposed to the more durable but rougher waterproof type. High sides to the dog bed are a must to prevent any unwanted drafts from chilling their coats in winter. In short the more fluff the better and if the bed is large enough for two to squeeze into you have a magic pairing of Whippet and dog bed.



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