Mutt Love! 10 Reasons Why We Love Mixed Breeds

July 31 is National Mutt Day!

It is no secret that people love to show off their dogs. Especially those with registered purebred pooches. And hey, there’s nothing wrong with that, but what about the mixed breeds?

Let’s take today to highlight those mutts, and go over my top 10 reasons why we love mixed breeds!

1. They Are Unique

No two mutts are the same. When a purebred dog has pups, generally the pups will all be similar in appearance. That being said, there are some beauties that break the mold, but when you adopt a mixed breed, they are unique all on their own.

2. You Won’t Have to Look Far

When you are trying to find a specific breed, you might end up on a waiting list that you simply didn’t want to be on. When looking for a mixed breed, travelling to any shelter will most likely give you the result you were looking for. Shelters and rescues are filled with mutts awaiting their fur-ever homes. While they do have purebred dogs come in looking for homes as well, they tend to be the ones who are adopted out first.

3. Arguably, Mutts Tend to Be Healthier Than Purebred Pooches

This is said due to the fact that mutts have much less of a chance to inherit breed specific genetic disorders.

4. The Best of Both Worlds – or Multiple Worlds

When you adopt a mutt, you are not just getting the temperament and appearance of one breed such as you would with a hardwired purebred. You are getting a wonderful mix of breeds all in one cute fluffy bundle!



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