Natural Remedies for Doggie Breath

Everyone loves dogs and puppies, but no one loves the stink that comes out when your dog opens its mouth and bad breath comes out. This may prevent you from even wanting kisses from your fur baby which can be disappointing to the both of you. What you may not know is that the bacteria in your dog’s mouth or stomach is actually to blame for the entire problem. In some instances, however, bad breath can be a sign of a bigger problem. Here are some natural remedies for treating that awful and offensive doggy breath.

Tips and Tricks

Just like with a human, bad breath is the sign of a dirty or unhealthy mouth, but thankfully, it can be cleaned up pretty easily and quickly. You will definitely want to take your dog to the vet to make sure there isn’t a more serious problem. Halitosis in dogs can be the sign of a kidney, liver or gastrointestinal problem. You can provide your dog with some hard chew toys on a daily basis, which will stimulate the saliva in the mouth, removing food particles from between the teeth. It is important that you never cut corners with cheap dog toys. You want to give your dog something of good quality that will last him a while.

Dental chews are another great way to freshen the stinky breath. They are specially formulated for dogs with bad breath and will clean your dog’s mouth while providing a great little treat. Some are edible, and these seem to be the treats dogs prefer. DentaStix and Greenies are both made with chlorophyll from trees and are both great options, though Greenies tend to be more expensive. You will want to choose the appropriate size treat for your dog, as both brands come in several sizes.

Depending on how bad your dog’s breath is, you may want to implement a brushing routine. It is best to do this at an early age so that your dog gets used to it. You will just need a doggy toothbrush and some dog paste, which can be purchased at a vet’s office or at your local pet store. You can also get doggy mouthwash to freshen the breath even more.



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