Preparing Your Pet For a Snowstorm

For some, the alert of a snow day brings joy and excitement. For others, it’s a nuisance, a danger, and can interfere with your pet’s schedule. Despite how complicated it might be to prepare for a snowstorm, being proactive is worth the work.

Unlike in some other emergency situations, you will most likely be hunkering down at home when you learn a snowstorm is incoming. But even though you won’t need an evacuation bag, it’s important to have everything you’ll need set aside at home. Below, we’ll cover a few tips for staying safe and preparing your pet for a snowstorm.

Preparing Ahead of Time For Snow

Some elements of snowstorms can be unpredictable. That said, early precautions can reduce the chances of running out of supplies, feeling stressed, or putting you or your pet in danger.

Much like preparing your human family for a snowstorm, preparing your pet means having everything they may need organized and accessible.

Let’s cover the basic elements of a snowstorm pet plan.

Emergency Supplies

Set aside anything your pet might need if you were to be stranded at home, including:

  • Your pet’s medications (at least a week’s supply)
  • Food & Bowls (at least a week’s supply)
  • Water (have bottled water on hand if needed)
  • Litter Supplies
  • Pee Pads
  • Lots of warm bedding
  • Leashes & Harnesses
  • Identification & Photos (in case your pet goes missing)
  • First aid supplies that are appropriate for pets
  • Calming supplements such as CBD
  • Boredom-busting activities and games for indoors

Health Precautions

Before the arrival of a snowstorm, make sure your pet has seen their veterinarian. A check-up can ensure the animal is in ideal health and has current vaccines and a microchip. This way, if you are unable to leave the house for days or a week, you will know your pet’s current conditions. Also make sure you have backup medication if you for some reason get stuck at home for a week or more.



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