Puppy Supplements

Your puppy deserves the very best start in life. Providing them with all the key building blocks their body needs to mature and develop is setting them up to be a happy and healthy adult. Daily supplements can complement a high-quality, commercial diet and offer specific benefits.

Our Puppy Supplements are highly palatable and provide a satisfying crunch. They can be crushed and mixed in with meals whole or crumbled on top. They can also be given separately as a treat; just make sure your fluffy pal doesn’t overdo it! Pups over the age of 12 weeks are usually old enough to eat these tablets but do monitor them the first few times they take them.

So, what is so special about our Pooch & Mutt Daily Care Supplements?

We are only recently understanding the power of the gut. Recent scientific studies have established links between a healthy gut and a robust immune system, strong skin barrier and even a happy brain!

Prebiotics act as the food source for probiotics. Probiotics are the ‘good bacteria’ that proliferate within the gut and help maintain a balanced gut microbiome. This is particularly important in a dog’s younger years when they are more prone to stomach upsets and infections.



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