Road Trippin’ With Your Dog

1. Are Your Dogs Travel Ready?

First up, be sure your dogs are healthy and fit to travel. Also be sure your dogs’ vaccines, microchips, and tags are all up to date. A call to your vet and/or having a vet checkup is advised before heading out and hitting the road.

2. Where to? Is it Dog-Friendly?

Pre-trip planning includes reviewing the location you want to visit. While there, where is it you’d like to go? Whether you are planning on hitting the hiking trails, visiting eateries, going shopping, or just hiding out in a zen B&B or hotel/motel room, always do your research and be sure the places welcome dogs. A few great online sites to check out for dog-friendly travel destinations are:

  • BringFido

  • Big Dog Travel Vlog

  • DogsLuvUsAndWeLuvThem

  • Doggone Destinations

  • Go Pet-Friendly

  • Year of the Monkey Pet Travel Guide

3. Safety Check: Is Your Vehicle Dog-Ready to Go?

After giving your vehicle a pre-trip inspection, also be sure it is dog ready. Do you have a travel bed? A safety crate and/or seat belt harness? How about a car seat cover? If your dog is new to car travel, do a practice run to be sure there are no issues, such as anxiety or car sickness, and if so, address it with your vet beforehand. Another great idea is to create Pet ID Cards that include their photo, address, your cell phone number, vet contact info, and any distinguishing marks, special needs, and medications and keep the ID Cards in the glovebox along with your car papers.



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