Should I Let My Dog Sleep With Me in Bed?

Our dogs are there on our morning walks. They’re by our side in the kitchen, watching as we cook up new culinary creations. And if it’s time for a TV marathon, you can bet our they’re sitting next to us on the sofa, too. In truth, our canine companions do an amazing job at keeping us company no matter where we go.

But there’s one place, in particular, that you might wonder about sharing—your bed.

In truth, there’s no straight answer to whether sharing your bed with a dog is a good idea. If your pup has anxiety, CBD for dogs is a possible solution to ease their worries. However, by understanding the benefits, the potential problems, and how to keep yourself and your pup comfy, you can ensure better sleep for both you and your furry friend.

Benefits of Sharing a Bed With Your Dog

Wondering, should I let my dog sleep with me? There’s plenty of evidence to show how much a dog’s presence can benefit our sleep. And taking a closer look at the science can help us understand just how much of a dream it can be.

#1 You’re Likely to Sleep Just as Soundly

It’s natural to wonder if sharing your bed might have you tossing and turning, but the science tells us there’s little cause for concern. Research has found that people who share a sleeping space with their dogs may achieve even better sleep.

Here’s how the study worked:

  • Both humans and their dogs wore sleep-tracking devices while sharing a bed for seven days.
  • After the study, scientists evaluated the data from the sleep trackers.
  • They found that the humans had an 81% sleep efficiency, while the dogs had an 85% sleep efficiency.

For reference, a sleep efficiency score measures the amount of time a person (or in this case, a dog) spends asleep while in bed. In the study above, both humans and their pups spent a majority of their bedtime asleep—a good sign for your slumber all around.

#2 Your Pup’s Presence Could Provide Safety and Security

If you tend to worry about every creak or bump in the night as you drift off each evening, sleeping with your dog nearby may help you feel more safe and secure.

A recent study examined how sharing a bed with a pet impacted the sleep quality of adult women. Overall, the study found that women who shared their beds with dogs felt an increased sense of comfort, compared to those who did not have a canine companion nearby.

Much like you worry over your pet’s health, our dogs also care for our well-being. And when it comes to bedtime, that concern could give dog owners an added sense of security.

Those feelings of security aren’t without reason, either.

Another study found that many dogs will instinctively try to rescue or protect their owners and even pick up on their signs of distress—day and night.



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