Should Your Dog Sleep In Your Bed? How Bad Can It Be?

There’s something all-American about having a dog at the foot of your bed or snuggled close to you. Their warm fur, wet noses, and big, brown eyes can bring on all the feels. But, the all-time question remains: should your dog sleep in your bed?

“Sharing a bed with your dog is a good bonding experience,” says Shadi Ireifej, DVM DACVS of VetTriage. “It gives them emotional comfort.”

But as comforting as it may be, is it a good idea to co-sleep? Would it be better to invest in a modern dog bed? Don’t worry. According to research, there might be some benefits of cuddling with your furry friend after all. Also, Ireifej shared the pros and cons of letting your dog sleep with you and what to look for in a modern dog bed.

Pros and Cons of Sharing a Bed With Your Dog

Bonding is the most significant benefit to bed-sharing with your dog. But there are other ways to bond with your pet during the day, including walks and playtime. It’s often best to have your own spaces at night, particularly if you have a smaller bed.

“The bed is your place to rest,” says Ireifej. If you or your dog toss and turn all night, it may be disruptive — for you and your dog. “They want to feel they are in a safe, peaceful location during sleep,” says Ireifej. “It needs to be in an area of the house that is quiet, and they want to feel they are protected.”

Why You Should Let Your Dog Sleep in Your Bed

You often hear that your dog should sleep on the floor, in its crate, or its own bed. According to some research, there might be some benefits to co-sleeping with your dog. Beyond allowing you to spend even more quality time with your furry friend, it can also help with:



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