Socializing Your Puppy

Unlike cats, most dogs are social and like to stay with other dogs and people. Thus socialization is important to dogs. Socializing your dog means teaching it to be polite and well-behaved around other animals and humans. Learning social skills when your dog is just a puppy is crucial for it to deal with animals and people it is not familiar with. Furthermore, this helps them look clear when it comes to uncertain things in the future.

Why is it so important?

Socialization can help dogs build confidence and make them feel comfortable in a new environment. If they do not learn socialization as puppies, they may have a tough time dealing with other dogs and people due to fear or aggression problems. In fact, they are more likely to use aggression to deal with new things in moments of fear.

If not socialized properly, unfamiliar animals or people may contribute to a stressful experience for puppies, which can further impact their behavior negatively. Moreover, puppies learn how to socialize with different dogs so that they know how to get along with them and make friends.

When to start socializing?

Ideally, dogs should receive social training when they are between 3 and 20 weeks old. It is a great period of learning in a dog’s life. During this time, puppies are not fearful when they are exposed to a variety of sights, sounds, smells, and sensations, as well as new objects. Dogs are born as explorers, and they are curious about things they haven’t encountered before.

There is a popular debate about whether you should get your puppy vaccinated before exposing it to other animals. Here, I would recommend getting your pet vaccinated before socializing them to prevent any type of illness.

If, for some reason, your dog didn’t learn socialization as a puppy, it’s never too late to socialize it with others. Especially when your dog doesn’t get along with other dogs or isn’t friendly towards visitors. A well-behaved dog will be much confident and happy while hanging out with other dogs or people.

How to socialize dogs with others?



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