The Hiking with Dogs Guide: Essential Tips for a Safe Adventure Together

Ready to get out there and go hiking with your dog? Great idea! But before you set off on your hike, make sure you’re prepared. You’ll need to have the right equipment and proper training, and know the right safety tips and precautions before and during hiking with dogs. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about how to hike with your dog, including dog hiking essentials and the gear you’ll need to go hiking with dogs. Considering a bit of trail running? Check our guide of best running dogs to see if your buddy would be a fitting companion.

Table of contents

  • Do’s and don’ts of hiking with dogs
  • Why dogs make great companions on the trail
  • Is your dog ready for a hike? Things to consider:
    • Health & fitness
    • Age & size
    • Behavior, training & recall
  • The best hiking dogs by breed
  • How to prepare for hiking with dogs
    • Vaccinations & check-ups
    • Obedience training
    • Socialization
    • Endurance training
    • Dog friendly trails
    • GPS dog tracker
  • Essential dog hiking gear
    • Safety gear
    • Health & nutrition
    • Other important gear
  • Hazards on the trail
  • Etiquette & final tips for hiking with dogs

Do’s and don’ts of hiking with dogs

  • Keep your dog on a leash ✅
  • Bring plenty of water and food ✅
  • Make sure your dog is fit enough to hike ✅
  • Equip your dog with a GPS dog tracker in case they run off ✅
  • Don’t let your dog out of your sight ❌
  • Don’t push your dog too hard – keep an eye on their energy level and behavior ❌

Why dogs make great companions on the trail

For dog and nature lovers, few things are more fun than sharing an outdoor adventure with a furry friend. Namely, dogs, which make for the best hiking buddies. Why? For one, they tend to boost (and lighten) the mood. They also (apparently) might make you more attractive and approachable… in case that’s something you care about 😉

In general, your dog is literally good for you. According to the American Centres of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), regular activity with pets can lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides. In fact, just being a pet parent may boost your happiness, decrease feelings of loneliness, and help reduce stress.

Is your dog ready for a hike? Things to consider:



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