The Nautical Collection: Plush Dog & Cat Toys

It’s no secret that Dogs & Cats love plush toys. They enrich their lives, provide mental stimulation, and help create an avenue of decompression after stressful situations. Our Nautical Collection is our latest and greatest addition to the plush dog & cat toys we have available at Furhaven. We designed these nautical-themed toys with your dogs and cats in mind; including thoughtful details like RuffStuff Reinforcement, squeakers, stimulating crinkle textures, and soft fabrics purr-fect for paws, chins, and snouts. We also gave them some pretty cute names! Are you ready to meet Davey Puffin, Finn Otter, Kraken the Vampire Squid, and Coral & Kelp the Sea Slug toys?

The Newest Dandies Plush Dog Toys: Finn Otter and Davey Puffin

The Furhaven Dandies are a collection of cute dog toys with quirky personalities that make perfect pals for your pups. Our latest Dandies belong to our Nautical-themed Dog & Cat Toys: Finn Otter and Davey Puffin. Previous Dandies family members include our Woodland Collection and our Galactic Collection, cute dog toys that make great collector’s items. While plush toys tend to have a bad rap for their durability, we went above and beyond our competitors by using our RuffStuff Reinforcement to help them last longer during playtime.

A white, black, and brown corgi holds a puffin and otter plush toy in its mouth at Furhaven Pet Products.

Kraken The Vampire Squid Dog Toy

While at sea, Davey and Finn befriended a deep see vampire squid named Kraken. They’re built slightly differently from Finn and Davey, having soft plush tentacles filled with crinkling material to mimic the rustling of prey. Irresistible to dogs on the hunt! By far Kraken has been a favorite for pups here at Furhaven HQ, dogs of all sizes have loved this crinkle plush toy, shaking it vigorously back and forth, or chewing Kraken’s head and tentacles.



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