The top brands every dog needs to know

Last year, pet-mad Brits up and down the country spent £125million on presents for their pooches – and this year is set to be even bigger for Santa Paws.

Our research team here at have dug deep into the data to reveal which pet brands and trends are dominating the market in the lead up to Christmas.

It can be easy to spoil our pups, with so many different toys and trinkets out there. From feeding puzzles to automatic ball throwers, there are even cosy beds and designer brand dog jackets – what will you leave under the tree for your pooch this year?

We have uncovered the top toy brands, furniture, clothing and accessories to gift your dog with this year, plus the top twenty UK cities that splash the most cash on their dogs per month.

top 10 dog toy brands 2021

Research reveals that Petstages will be the most popular dog toy brand this Christmas season, with an astounding 5600% search volume increase in the run-up to the festive period.

The Dogwood Durable Stick is the brand’s top trending product and is proof that sometimes the simplest toys are the best. This toy is very similar to a real stick that you may find in an ordinary park, it even contains real wood – the main difference is that it has been enhanced to last much longer than a regular stick and is also safer for pups to play with.

Other brands that are proving popular with pups and pet-owners alike are Beco Pets and Ruffer and Tuffer, which took up the second and third places. These brands experienced a similar surge in search volume, with a 4900% increase for Beco Pets’ and a 4800% increase for Ruffer and Tuffer.

Fourth place fell to Nina Ottosson’s, with a 3800% search volume increase in the lead up to Christmas. The brands most popular toy is the ‘Tornado Treat Puzzle’, a colourful toy designed to provide pups with a fun physical and mental challenge as they try to uncover treats from twelve hidden compartments.



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