Siberian Husky Rescues: A Heartfelt Mission to Help the Homeless

Rescue Takes a Village

Shari Baillargeon, also known as “Mama Shay” in the Husky rescue world, has been voluntarily helping homeless Huskies since 2003. “I never actually decided to help Siberian Huskies, they decided I needed to!” she happily says. With her Georgian door always open to help Huskies in need, Shari volunteers with MUSH Rescue of Atlanta, and is currently fostering 10 dogs. “I am so blessed to have a huge following on our Buddy, the Christmas Husky Facebook page from all over the world. We have friends from just about every country that make up a huge support system. I could never have taken care of Buddy (an abused, sick, and abandoned Husky found and saved on Christmas Day by a good Samaritan before Shari came to forever foster him), or so many others without our Buddy Family supporting us both through messages of encouragement, much needed items, dog food, and, of course, monetary donations.”

Finding the Right Home for a Husky

According to Danielle Lahmeyer, creative director and Lorraine Healy, president and founder of Husky House Siberian Husky &Fellow K9 Rescue in New Jersey, they look “for a home that is going to be able to dedicate time, energy, and love; and people who understand the Huskies’ traits. The household should be able to provide them with a high level of activity they require. A secure home should also be provided to help keep them safe. This can include escape-proof fencing, exterior doors, and gates. For Huskies under one year old, families with prior purebred Siberian Husky experience is required.”



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