Things You Must Know About Your Senior Dog

Owning a dog and watching it grow from a cute little puppy to a strong adult dog is a memorable and happy period for most of us. But they will someday grow old like humans, which means they also experience age-related difficulties and sometimes aches. Unlike adult dogs, they might be unwilling to run out of joint aches, seem dull, and might have different needs. So, what needs to know to keep your senior dog happy?

Around a 7-year old dog would be considered a senior dog according to dog life span, and for larger breeds, it will be a little sooner. They might not see and hear as well anymore, so be patient when they don’t listen to you when playing fetch games. Besides, to know more about your senior dogs and keep them happy, you need to keep the following things in mind.

It’s expected that senior dogs get osteoarthritis: When dog’s age, the tissue around their joints could wear away, and the bones would rub together. Certainly, this will make every movement painful for dogs. Therefore, don’t push your senior dogs or yell at them when they don’t show any interest or seem less energetic in running games. Also, osteoarthritis could cause joint aches after long walks. Try to consult vets and find out the best joint supplements for older dogs.



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