Top 6 Popular Cat Breeds in United States


ragdoll cat

They have blue eyes and body have a lighter color than the face, ears, legs and tail. The three types of ragdoll coats are colorpoint, bicolor, and mitted. Ragdoll colors include black, white, gray, blue, cream, lilac, chocolate, seal, and red. Life span is around 10 to 20 years and their weight is up to 20 pounds. Ragdoll are well known for its friendly and well-mannered character. They are loyal and enjoy the cuddle of human and have no issue living with children and others pets. They have middle long fur, easily groomed which only needs occasional combing to remove tangles. Bath them when the coat started to feel greasy. They do not make a lot of noise and like to stay at  “lower’ spot at home. They are easily trained and may require a bigger “litter box” compared to others cat breeds.

American Shorthair

American shorthair

Their weight ranging from 8 to 12 pounds and some breeds of them have a mixture color of blue, copper, green and hazel. They have strong and muscular body size and stay medium in size. They are active and easily trained. Being known as a strong “hunting” instinct, she will find her own toys and like to surprise the pet owner with a dead mouse. Daily brushing is required as they have a thick and dense coat. Shorthair is normally cooperative when you take them for a bath only when they are dirty.



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