Upset Stomach Remedies

Probiotics aren’t just a remedy for upset stomachs. A probiotic given regularly helps keep your dog’s gut healthy and can help prevent upset stomachs. Probiotics help fight off the bad bacteria that can invade your dog’s digestive system and instead, keep the natural flora flourishing. Probiotics are especially helpful in preventing upset stomachs in dogs on antibiotics.

There are numerous probiotics on the market, and to get the results you want for your dog, you need to find one that has the perfect blend of healthy microbes to help populate the gut.

Hungry Bark not only offers a probiotic supplement for dogs with tender tummies, they also provide a blend of probiotics in all dog food recipes. In addition to probiotics, Hungry Bark recipes also include ingredients that are beneficial to digestive health like apple cider vinegar, pumpkin, and ginger.

Stress, a change in diet, or eating things they shouldn’t are all likely culprits when your dog gets diarrhea. Probiotics and a diet that includes healthy fiber can help prevent upset stomachs or decrease incidents of upset stomachs in dogs who have sensitive systems.

You can’t keep your dog from getting the occasional upset stomach, but you can help relieve the symptoms and reduce the duration. Your dog will be back to normal before you know it!



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