What Are the 10 Best Dog Foods?

Which dog food is the best choice for your dog?
This article will help you decide from top choices, including dry, wet, and raw dog diets.

Finding the right food for your dog can feel like a neverending research project. Comparing brands, ingredients, dry, wet, or raw, it can quickly become overwhelming deciding which dog food is truly the best for your best friend. The hunt stops here. We used opinions from top veterinary nutritionists, brand reputations, and customer reviews to sort out which dog foods are worthy of your dog’s dish. What are the ten best dog foods on the market? Any one of these selections will keep your dog’s tail wagging and keep your canine companion active, healthy, and happy.

Why Does the Quality of Your Dog’s Food Matter?


For too long, dogs have had to settle for subpar nutrition, packed with preservatives and fillers. Yet as premium, super-premium, organic, holistic, natural, and grain-free options came on the market, dog pawrents were left trying to decipher what these meant and if they were getting the value they wanted for their money. If you’re one of those pup pawrents, the quality of a dog food lies in its ingredients.

Despite improvements in dog nutritional science, many dog food brands still use artificial preservatives. Ethoxyquin, for example, a synthetic preservative found in many commercial dog foods, is also used as a pesticide that has been linked to liver damage, cancer, allergies, and behavioural issues. Furthermore, many premium dog foods continue to use fillers, which have little-to-no nutritional value and can cause adverse reactions. Over the course of your dog’s life, low-quality foods will rob your dog of health, energy, and happiness.



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