What are the ‘zoomies’?

Dogs can be masters of comedy. From their goofy expressions to generally silly behaviour, they know how to get a laugh out of us, but is there any greater comedy bit in the canine world than the zoomies? When your dog is charging around like the happiest of canines, it can make us laugh and smile, but should we? What are the zoomies?

Good news for zoomies fans!

Thankfully, there is nothing to worry about when your dog goes through a bout of the zoomies (except for maybe making sure nothing breakable gets knocked to the floor). There is another, more technical term for them which is Frenetic Random Activity Periods, or FRAPs for short. In a way, that sounds even funnier than ‘zoomies’. “Oh dear, Rex is having another bout of the FRAPS – hold onto that coffee cup!”. But why does it happen (or “frap-pen” if you will)?

Too… much… energy!!!

Dogs store energy very well. With a good diet, and regular exercise, your dog will always ensure that it has a good store of energy to spend when it needs to. Some think this a defence mechanism of sorts going back to their earliest, untamed days when packs of dogs would always be ready to run if larger predators came into view. Who knows though – maybe they just like keeping a nice store of energy for other reasons entirely.

Now though, they live in our world and don’t have to worry so much about predators, yet they still keep these reserves of energy stacking up. It appears that at some point though, when they can’t store any more energy, they just have to release it, and that’s what gives us the zoomies that we know and love. Little Fido bolting around the house, and little Ollie blazing around the garden; this is just their way of dumping those energy reserves. Thankfully, it’s also great entertainment for us, so we all win.



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