Why do cats purr? Do you know what that means?

Cat owners are all too familiar with the cat’s purr. It’s a cat expressing its love for us, but do you know what it does other than that?
Shortly after the cat is born, their eyes can’t open and their ears can’t hear.
At this time, the mother cat will make a purring sound, which will cause the vibration of the surrounding environment, and the baby cat will feel the vibration and know the location of the mother. So they can breast-feed smoothly.
In addition, 25-150 vibrating purrs per minute can help cats heal wounds and injured bones.
When the cat purrs, some cat owners will come close to listen to the origin of the sound, and many people will be very confused.
Why is the purr coming from the cat’s chest? shouldn’t it come from the cat’s throat?
In fact, everyone heard correctly that cats’ purr is made entirely from the chest, and when their blood passes through the chest, it vibrates the chest, thus making the familiar purr.


For most cats, we often hear their purr, but there are very few cats that do not make this purr to express their joy for us.
In addition, here are a few other reasons your cat won’t purr.

When under pressure

When a new member is added to the family, such as a new pet or a newborn, the cat feels threatened so that it will no longer purr to the cat owner.

When the furniture changes

If there are some changes in the layout of your home, these changes will cause discomfort to cats who like to live a regular life.



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