Why Do Cats Rub Against You?

Any office worker who has a cat must know this scene well:

When you return from work daily, your cat meows and rubs its head and body against your legs and feet as soon as you open the door.

Or, the cat directly lies on your feet, lying on the ground, legs in the air, back and forth, in the pettish to you.

Every time you come home from work to see the cat in this state, no matter how big the trouble is, it can disappear immediately. Even when you’re under a lot of stress, seeing a cat like that can help you forget it.

For cat owners, that may be the charm and advantage of owning a cat.

Why Do Cats Rub Against You

So what exactly does it mean when a cat rubs against its owner?

1. Cats express possessiveness to their owners

People will be possessive, possess their partner’s feelings, and possess what they own;

Just like people, cats can also be possessive.

And when the cat rubbed against the owner’s body, it left a smell on it. This smell is the cat making a mark on the owner’s body.

Just like when the owner walks the dog outside, the dog will smell the surroundings before defecating.

For cats, one of the ways they want to possess their owners is by leaving their own scent on them.

If cats could talk, they’d be saying: you can’t be around other cats now that you smell like me.

2. The cat is good with the owner, to express their kindness

If a cat doesn’t like you, it won’t come near you and won’t be petted. Instead, it will hide and stare at you from a distance, afraid that you will hurt it.

If your cat has let down their guard and accepted you in their heart, they will come to you and leave some of their own scent on you.

If a cat senses your calling and hears you, it will reciprocate by rubbing against you.



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