Why do cats sleep so much?

Have you ever wondered, why do cats sleep so much? Is the amount of time that your cat sleeps normal? If you get a cat, just exactly how much of the time can you expect them to sleep? And when could excess sleeping indicate a potentially serious health issue? In this article, we’ll explore the normal sleeping behavior of cats, including how many hours a day cats sleep, how this can change with time, and the best way to measure your cat’s activity and sleep levels.

How much do cats sleep? How many hours a day do cats sleep?

Cats are sleepy creatures, and chance are, your feline-furbaby is probably curled up, snoring happily right now. But how much do cats sleep exactly? According to veterinary experts, cats normally sleep anywhere from 12 – 20 hours each day. That’s right; cat’s sleep twice as much as you!

The exact hours a cat sleeps vary depending on factors such as those below:

  • Age: senior cats have less energy and therefore tend to sleep more than younger cats. Kittens, like babies, require lots of sleep to aid in their development.
  • Activity level: cats will need to sleep more after intense bouts of physical activity.
  • Health condition: if your cat is suffering from a disease, for example cat dementia, their sleeping cycle may be affected.

Did you know? It is now possible to track your cat’s physical activity and sleep each day with the help of a GPS tracker and activity monitor for cats.

Below, we’ll explore the warning signs – sleeping patterns which may indicate that your cat is sick and needs veterinary assistance. But first let’s answer the main question: why do cats sleep so much?



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