Dog Body Language: How To Read It 

Your dog wants to talk to you. As a dog owner, you know your dog understands you when you tell them to sit, stay, or grab their leash. They don’t speak the same language you do, but there’s plenty they want you to know.

Your dog will use vocalizations, body language, and simple cues to tell you what they want or need. If you learn to read canine body language, you can improve your relationship with your dog and better meet their needs.

You can see canine communication through a dog’s eyes and a dog’s ears. Look at gestures and context to figure out what your dog is saying.

What Does My Dog Do When They’re Happy?

It’s easy to spot a happy dog from a mile away. Happy dogs usually have wagging tails. A happy dog might even appear to smile, usually with their tongue out.

They may playfully vocalize or make a noise that sounds similar to sneezing. This small sneezing noise is your dog’s way of telling you they want to play.

Happy dogs usually present open body posture. They’re receptive to the idea of a belly rub. They might roll over and show you their belly as a way to tell you they want to be pet or snuggled.

When your dog is happy, they may lick you or gently paw at you to express affection. This laid-back happiness calls for cuddles.

Happy dogs with a lot of energy may play bow. A play bow is when your dog lowers the front half of their body to the ground, stretching their front legs out.

Play bows are how your dog tells you or other animals that it wants to play. It’s an invitation to be rambunctious in a friendly way.

They may pounce or bob up and down, playfully barking at a high pitch to entice you or their desired playmate to ramp up their energy levels and engage in active play.

What To Do When Your Dog Is Happy

Love your dog! Play, snuggle, and have a good time. Use your dog’s energy and enthusiasm to practice new tricks or your dog’s calm contentment to binge-watch your favorite show together.

What Does My Dog Do When They’re Sad?



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