Your weekly doggy Horoscopes (Sept. 6 – 12th)

This week, your pups are feeling a little dangerous. No, they won’t set anything on fire or butt dial your ex but, they are pushing the limits of what they can get away with. And who cares? Maybe this is a sign for you to live a little dangerously yourself.

Aries: This week, your Aries doggo will begin an obsession with eating healthy and wake you up at 6 in the morning by blending their daily kale and bacon shake.

Taurus: Your Taurus pup will demand 100.000 dollars. It’s best for everyone to just give it them.

Gemini: Your Gemini doggo will beg for you to get a motorcycle with a sidecar so you can both ride around town in style.

Cancer: What the heck! Your Cancer bud is better than Shrek! (Great movie, but I wanted this horoscope to rhyme)

Leo: Want to know a secret? Your Leo dog loves you more than peanut butter.

Libra: This is a sign to throw your Libra pup a party for no reason. Only because you love them so much.



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